My name is Robby Silk and I started this website in May of 2010. I originally created this site as a place to share my photography and start blog discussions. As it turned out I found myself posting weekly entries about my notions of life based on quotes I have gathered from many sources. These entries are my beliefs and outlooks I have on my own life experiences. I have found through writing that my beliefs are constantly evolving.


My goal through writing is to help inspire and motivate others to do more, help more, and become more than they have already become. Everyone has a special calling in life, and I want to bring this out of every single person I can. Ordinary people, hard work, and dedication change the world; I believe that once all of these pieces come together then someone truly special will emerge from the results.

My Life has been good to me, and I have taken my journey on an unexpected path. I don't know where I am going to end up, but for now I am simply living and enjoying my life the best that I can.

If you ever want to contact me please find my contact information listed here.

I want to thank everyone for your love and support in the last couple of years. I appreciate it more then you will ever know! 

P.S. I Love my wife! (Thanks for the best four years of my life!)