Philosophical Thought of the Day

This is a poem I wrote once and I wanted to share it for the memory of a childhood friend who passed away suddenly October 10th 2010. Rory rest in peace and watch after us until we meet again.


Transformation into an Angel

When I turn,
Let me see all those I love,
A fleeting second sent as a gift from above.
With my hearts last beat my time has come.
It is now time to say goodbye to your son.
Loving faces I pray are near,
To comfort me and relinquish my fears.
Leave me not alone, but let me rest.
I lived a good life, I put in my best.
I slip into Eden to wait for my friends,
Know I am not far, destiny will pair us again.
But my journey has just begun,
I will watch over you and two will become one.
A loving presence will put you at ease,
Whenever you want and whenever you need.
I will watch over you, and always remember me.
For my transformation is complete and in your heart my love will burn.
My time has come and now I turn.

By: Robby Silk