Philosophical Thought of the Day

'Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters,' Chapter 1: Describing the "quiet peace" he says every soldier wants to find:

I am still haunted by the names and faces of young men, young airborne troopers who never had the opportunity to return home after the war and begin their lives anew. Like most veterans who have shared the hardship of combat, I live with flashbacks--distant memories of an attack on a battery of German artillery on D-Day, an assault on Carentan, a bayonet attack on a dike in Holland, the cold of Bastogne[...] If you had a man who was killed, you looked at him and hoped that he had found peace in death. I'm not sure whether they were fortunate or unfortunate to get out of the war so early. So many men died so that others could live. No one understands why.
To find a quiet peace is the dream of every soldier. For some it takes longer than others. In my own experience I have discovered that it is far easier to find quiet than to find peace. True peace must come from within oneself. As my wartime buddies join their fallen comrades at an alarming rate, distant memories resurface. The hard times fade and the flashbacks go back to friendly times, to buddies with whom I shared a unique bond, to men who are my brothers in every sense of the word. I live with these men every day.

- Major. Dick Winters


What is the definition of a hero? The word hero is thrown around so much today that its true meaning is often overlooked. With the digital era upon us we are constantly bombarded with vivid images of movies, television, sports, music, etc... We are constantly evaluating who are newest hero's are: a brand new artist with a hit movie or song; perhaps the newest star athlete that catches the attention of the nation. We are the victims of world that delivers constant instant gratification. True heroism, unfortunately does not simply happen this way. Heroism builds within a person's character overtime and can explode with a flash when the need is present. Heroism is acting with great courage when others would do nothing. It is the fortitude to do what you are asked not what you want. The definition of a hero is diverse and can take on many forms. Remember that true hero's are humble and they will always say, "I only did what was right." 


"A Hero"

He was a hero to the people and a leader for all men,

he lead a band of brothers into the devil's den.

On eagles wings he jumped into the blackest hour blood stained crimson red,

he lead his men until the job was done, and looked across the field at his brothers fallen dead.

On to victory he pushed; the bravest of the brave, he was a warrior within, and had the dignity of a man,

He defined The Greatest Generation a selfless hero who fancied no fans.

Unwavering, he did the job he was asked, he lead a band of brothers into the devil's den,

war does not make men great, but sometimes, war brings out the greatness in men.

- Robby Silk