The Zombie Night Time Story for Children

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Several weeks ago I was reading a very serious literary book about zombies, and I made a joking comment to my wife that I was going to write a zombie night time story for our son. As you can image she just looked at me, and that look said it all. So it was at that moment I thought to myself why not. So here is that zombie night time story guaranteed to give all little children nightmares! And for my loving wife all I wanted to say is that I could not have done it without you!


Your incredibly, amazing, awesome husband!

The Zombie Night Time Story for Children:

All little children jump into your beds,

I am going to tell you story about the living dead.

It starts off quite slow with only a few zombies here and there,

But soon they will multiply spreading endless fear!

The terror spreads fast, but they shuffle very slow,

So pray you don't break any bones so you can run... go, go, go!

Go and grab mother and father, and even your little sister too,

Remember to warn everyone or they will soon be coming for you.

Ghastly and ghoulish zombies are quite a horrible bunch,

If you let them get to close they will eat your skin for their lunch!

They may shuffle or crawl silently stalking it’s hard to tell,

Or they may come grunting and loud; a marching army, the living dead from hell.

So barricade, barricade, barricade your house,

Gather your weapons, the food, extra ammunition, and even your pet mouse!

The undead are almost upon you and now there is nowhere to go,

So fight on, fight on, and remember the undead cannot run they are very slow.

So take care and remind your dad to be steady and take good aim,

Conserve all your ammo by shooting them in the brain.

Down, down, down they all fall their rotting corpses litter the ground,

But do not celebrate too soon because zombies can come from every direction and all around.

They swarm like bees and overwhelm like ants,

And as they break through the walls you may begin to wet your pants!

Your defenses were not adequate, and now they have failed,

Now it's time for hand to hand combat so grab your hammer and forget the nails!

Swing, swing, swing for the stars, remember conserve your energy and smash in their brains,

Don't forget this rule and you may have a chance, and don't feel bad zombies don't feel any pain.  

You have a hammer, your father a bat, your mother has a crowbar, and your sister grabbed the pet cat!

She did not follow the rules; it's such a pity and a shame, and now she's a casualty of the zombie attack!

The ammo is gone; your defenses have failed,

You had a glimmer of hope, but you did not prevail.

The zombies are now everywhere they have overrun your house,

They are now eating everyone, even your pet mouse!

Crunch, crunch, crunch is the sound your bones make when they break,

Unfortunately you are now a victim of the zombie outbreak.

The end...

By: Robby Silk