Fragile Times & Precious Moments

I wrote once describing how I live life cherishing all the small moments.

“The greatest reward of fatherhood for me is simply watching my son smile at me. In life I cherish the subtle moments more than any of the major ones. The rationale is simple; for every major milestone we reach there is an expectation to celebrate them all with good reason. But I live life for the intimate moments...the moments that can slip past us if we are not aware...the moments that seem so ordinary to us until one day we wake up yearning to relive them again.”

I stand by these words especially in the wake of such a horrible tragedy that took so many innocent lives in the town of Newton, Connecticut. It is unfathomable to me how I would cope with such an event if my son was lost in such a violent act. I have felt numb at times when reading stories of the lost children, and seeing the grief in their parents faces. I have feared as of late that the death of such innocence may destroy the will of men. But in the days that have passed, and the days that will come, I have seen a new hope. I have now witnessed an immense outpouring of support, and people coming together to support and help one another. It is tragic that it takes such extreme acts to garner such a response of goodwill among us, the citizens of the America.  

Our way of life has been lost or damaged over the years, and times have been even harder since the financial burdens of recent years. But in a small town most of us have never heard of, a horrific tragedy has occurred, and the people of the this nation have called. Innocent people sacrificed their lives to protect those who couldn't, children helped each other, surrounding neighbors sprang into action, love and moral duty conquered evil despite great loses, and when my faith in this country seemed shattered its people have answered. The road to recovery is far from over, but in its wake the values that made America the greatest nation on Earth once have hopefully been rekindled again. The focus over the weeks to come should be on the victims, their lives, and the touching stories that remind us of our own children and family. The moments that seem so ordinary to us until one day we wake up yearning to relive them all over again.

In memory of those who were lost. Rest In Peace: 

Charlotte Bacon (6) 

Daniel Barden (7) 

Rachel Davino (29) 

Olivia Engel (6) 

Josephine Gay(7) 

Ana M. Marquez-Greene (6) 

Dylan Hockley (6) 

Dawn Hocksprung (47) 

Madeleine F. Hsu (6) 

Catherine V. Hubbard (6) 

Chase Kowalski (7) 

Jesse Lewis (6) 

James Mattioli (6) 

Grace McDonnell (7) 

Anne Marie Murphy (52) 

Emilie Parker (6) 

Jack Pinto (6) 

Noah Pozner (6) 

Caroline Previdi (6) 

Jessica Rekos (6) 

Avielle Richman (6) 

Lauren Russeau (30) 

Mary Sherlach (56) 

Victoria Soto (27)

Benjamin Wheeler (6) 

Allison N. Wyatt (6)

- Robby Silk

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My special moment

My special moment