"I am" RJ the Mouse: Help Illustrate My Story

I need your help so that I can illustrate the next book in the RJ the Mouse series. Since releasing my first book "The Lost Castle: The Adventures of RJ the Mouse" I have been asked many times if I will illustrate my next book? For everyone new and familiar this is your chance to help out and make a big difference!

This is something that really means a lot to me, and it provides our children with another great series for them to enjoy. For anyone who joins and contributes to this goal of mine know how grateful I am for your support! 

Join the Journey, and help me Complete the Adventure!

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Why Am I Doing This?

Supporting this campaign brings me one step closer to becoming a full time author. Breaking into this industry is incredibly difficult, and this is the next step for me in that process.

Most importantly I believe that reading to the children in our lives is one of the most important gifts we can share with them. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, sibling, or a family friend we can all make a huge impact by simply reading to our kids. The RJ the Mouse series is dedicated to teaching kids about life lessons, and for you to share that special bonding moment with them.


How Can You Help?

Contributions & Perks

Your contributions will go a long way and below are some of the Perks you can choose from:

  • $10 - I'll Tweet a personal thanks, be listed on my personal Thank You Page, and a chance at a free copy of my book!
  • $25 - Receive an autographed copy of the book when it is complete!
  • $50 - Receive both an autographed copy of my book, and the original The Lost Castle: The Adventures of RJ the Mouse
  • $100 - Receive both autographed copies, and appear in the Special Thanks section of my book!

Share the Campaign with Others

After contributing, share this campaign with your friend and family. The Indiegogo share tools under the video at the top of this page make this nice and easy.

Contributing and sharing your experience with others is the best way to support this campaign.


Twitter: Support Author @RobertSilk85 today! help his IndieGoGo campaign! https://igg.me/at/robbysilk #IAmRJTheMouse, #JoinTheJourneyCompleteTheAdventure

Facebook: Support Author Robby Silk's campaign https://igg.me/at/robbysilk #IAmRJTheMouse, #JoinTheJourneyCompleteTheAdventure


Impact & Goals

With each contribution we will get one step closer to illustrating the next adventure for RJ the Mouse!

Contribution Goals:

  • $7,500 (Main) - Fully illustrated character and pages with some lightly illustrated pages 
  • $10,000 (Stretch #1) - Fully illustrated characters with more detailed illustrated pages and custom font
  • $15,000 (Stretch #2) - A Complete fully illustrated book
  • $20,000 (Stretch #3) - Officially started funding for book #3 in the RJ the Mouse Series


How the Contributions will be used:

  • Illustrations ~60%
  • Fulfilling Campaign Perks ~ 15%
  • Maryland Book Bank Donation ~ 10%
  • Self Publishing Costs ~ 10%
  • Advertisement ~3%
  • Editorial Costs ~2%