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The Adventures of RJ the Mouse: The Forgotten Voice

When RJ the Mouse hears a sad cry in the woods, he has a choice to make, continue on his way, or stop and help? A simple act of kindness can change a life. Armed with his courage, patience, and love RJ helps Tek, an elderly hedgehog, on an adventure that spans a lifetime. He learns courage isn't always about heroic deeds, but simple ones that put others first. Together they set out, but will they discover the forgotten voice in Tek's heart...

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The Adventures of RJ the Mouse: The Lost Castle

The Lost Castle (The Adventures of RJ the Mouse) is about friendship, determination, and helping others as RJ and his best friend, Snow the Owl, follow their treasure map. They learn that not all adventures are about the prize, but the journey there. Their world is full of new people around every corner, but not all the inhabitants are friends, and RJ and Snow find themselves as the ones needing help!

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