Philosophical Thought of the Day

The Goldback conjecture of 1742:

"That any even integer greater than two can be written as the sum of two prime numbers." E.g. 12=5+7

This statement has remained unproven for over two hundred and fifty years, and it crushed the two-thousand year old dream dating back to the Greeks. It proved that there will always be be true statements in mathematics that are just beyond our reach. Mathematics, far from being the complete and perfect edifice dreamed by the Greeks, was shown to be incomplete.

- Dr. Michio kaku Physics of the Impossible


What is fascinating about this statement is that we as humans use math to find the definative answer or pathway towards the truth. However, it has been proven that there are seemimgly simple questions that math cannot prove. So if our most core fundamental tool we use as humans can be proven incomplete; then what is there stopping us from making the impossible possible?

- Robby Silk