Philosophical Thought of the Day

"Either we are alone in the universe, or we are not. Either thought is frightening."

- Arthur C. Clarke


I don't know which thought is more frightening; however, I suppose a statement like this will have different answers depending on your own personal beliefs. This thought may insult a person with very devout religious beliefs. At the same time it may scare atheists and scientists because we truly are one of a kind. We are so rare in fact that all calculations proving that we mathematically exist are wrong.

Maybe we as humans are one of a kind, but life of all sorts does exist out in the universe somewhere. Maybe even in our own solar system on the moon Europa; a water filled moon that orbits Jupiter. I would like to think that life does exist somewhere in our galaxy. That an intelligent life form looks into the night sky and wonders if they are alone as we do here on Earth. I would also like to think that there may be a creator somewhere that has designed and laid out the cosmos for all to explore. In the end either thought can be a scary proposition, but I do take comfort knowing that I am not alone here on earth.

- Robby Silk