Philosophical Thought of the Day

The End of Moore's Law?

Moore's Law: Simply says that computer power doubles about every eighteen months.

So the collapse of Moore's Law is a matter of international importance, with trillions of dollars at stake. But precisely how it will end, and what will replace it, depends on the laws of physics. The answers to these physics questions will eventually rock the economic structure of capitalism...

...Moore's Law will finally collapse: when we finally hit transistors the size of individual atoms...

Around the year 2020.


(Excerpt taken from Dr. Michio Kaku's book Physics of The Future Pg. 37-41)

- Dr. Michio Kaku


What will happen around the year 2020 after Moore's Law ends? Well the entire IT industry will forever change. Currently, we ask ourselves the following question: why do I continue to buy next years model? The simple answer is because its newer, its faster, its better, its shinier, etc... However, what Dr. Kaku states is that once we no longer can double a computer's powers why would we continue to buy new stuff if it's no longer better or faster? The answer is that we won't. Computers simply won't be faster, video games graphics will no longer evolve, and devices will not improve. So why would I waste my money on something new if it does not offer me anything? Of course this will only hold true with today's current technologies being developed in Silicon Valley. The future will be a completely new ball game, and the innovators that are pushing the boundaries today will be the kings of tomorrow. I do know one thing that is certain for me. I will be buying stock in the fledgling companies that are currently pushing these boundaries. Because right now the next Microsoft's of this world are waiting for their time to shine.

- Robby Silk