My energy is running rampant through my mind,

There’s no focus or clear way; I feel like I am running out of time.

I need a doctor I’m losing my focus and I’m almost out of time,

There’s a destructive quality to the rhythm of my mind.

A lantern placed in a prison without walls,

The light bleeds into these endless halls.

I’d take up these walls with open arms,

A relentless energy with no vision only threatens to harm.

The energy can be focused I’m picking these pieces from my mind,

Snaring these pieces with my pen I’m slowly building these walls I’ve lost to time.

The energy flows into my pen I can feel myself becoming whole,

I found therapy of my mind and guidance for my soul.

My dreams of yesterday used to show me a future of blind men,

Mightier then the sword my energy can now forever inspire recorded by my pen.

- Robby Silk