Philosophical Thought of the Day

Your only as sick as your secrets.

- Chris Herren

We are all infested with secrets of every type, whether they are large, small, simple, complex, or anything in-between; the fact remains the same that they still exist. And simply knowing they exist is is draining. Our secrets become trapped within us, and we all have the human tendency to hold them in. And it's fighting this human tendency from time to time that we all really need to do. We have to purge these secrets from our mind and work them out. I know from my life experiences that the best place to start this process is to simply write what is on our mind. You don't need to have a formal journal and save every entry you write; in fact you can write down everything first and burn it later. Because what we are trying to do here is work these thoughts out of our mind and bring structure to our thoughts.

One of the beautiful aspects of writing in any form is that every piece has a life of its own. You may start with one idea, and find when you are done writing that you ended up with a completely different conclusion. That is the power of the mind at work, and what I mean is that our minds have a way of tricking us into thinking one way while the real issues remain hidden. Our emotions have a way of clouding our mind and blind us from the world around us. They create an "ignorance is bliss" attitude for us, and we never really get a fair shake at seeing the real issues at hand. Writing in detail about our secrets and emotions fights this tendency, but it is a very raw experience that a lot of people shy away from for a number of reasons. But mostly I think that people are afraid of what they may find. In fact I would say most of the time when I take a step back and fully write about my emotions, I usually find that the problem is not with any outside influential forces, but rather the problems lie within me. This experience is a humbling and not easy at first, because nobody wants to think of themselves as being in the wrong, but the reality is that we are all very much wrong most of the time. My advice is simple in that we should all remember that we can't control the situations that happen; we can only control how we react to life's situations. So the next time you feel that heavy weight on your mind let it go. Don't keep in and let it grow bigger then it already is. Work it out and you will be amazed at the way you feel when you are done.

- Robby Silk