Philosophical Thought of the Day


Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.

- Nikola Tesla


The value of creation cannot be gauged by monetary value. It is through individuals, and their passion that others aspire for greatness. One of the greatest examples of this is the life work of Nikola Tesla. His list of scientific achievements and technological breakthroughs that inspired others are staggering. Alternating Current (AC) electricity that powers and lights the world today, Radar, the first Hydroelectric Dam, early designs of transistors which power every computer device on Earth, the first recordings of radio waves from outer space, and the beginning of Radio technology. The list of his accomplishments go on and on, and have literally shaped the world of today and the future of tomorrow.

He tinkered, studied, fixed problems, and found solutions to ones that didn't even exist yet. Some of the most amazing discoveries in his life were either not understood at the time or still can't be reproduced or explained today. Some of these include: The discovery of the Earth's Resonant Frequency which was not proved until fifty years after his initial discovery, the creation of Ball Lightning which to this day modern science has been unable to reproduce, and probably the greatest of his was the discovery of Wireless Energy Transfer. The concept in simple terms was to harness the power of the Ionosphere that encompasses the Earth. This sphere is a infinite supply of constant energy charged by the radiation of the Sun.

Tesla's passion and caring for others led to perhaps his greatest invention that would have benefited all man kind. His discovery was going to power all of the Earth with free wireless electricity. His vision was all encompassing, and he intended to free the world from dependencies such as oil and coal. Plus there would be no adverse effects on the environment. Imagine a world in where there were no worries about energy, wars over oil, or cars polluting the environment. Just instant power whenever needed. What's amazing about all of this is that it was all discovered well over a hundred years ago. It's astounding that the majority of the world's issues today would not even exist if this all came into practical existence. The Wardenclyffe Tower was built, but the financial backers upon realizing there was no way to meter the power usage stopped funding for the project. It was subsequently destroyed. This is the lesson that we all need to learn, and that is as my grandpa would say "The big G", greed ruined it all. 

What is amazing about Nikola Tesla is that for all his inventions, patents, and funding he raised; he died broke and alone in a NYC apartment. This man lived his life the way we should all live ours. selflessly, caring, and passionately about the well being of others. One of the key lessons from his life I aspire for was his passion with everything he did. He never did accomplished the things he did to make money or become rich from them, he did them simply because he could. He learned to live his life, he didn't let life dictate how he lived.   

So the next time you use your smart phone pay homage to the man who started it all.

- Robby Silk