Philosophical Thought of the Day

When a bubble's gone, you don't see it anymore with your eyes.

And when an opera is over, you don't hear it anymore with your ears.

But you can remember it. You can remember what bubbles look

like and what operas sound like and what friends feel like.

And you'll always have them with you in your memory.

- Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers)


Memories are the most precious asset we have as humans. It is our defining characteristic in both who we are, and who we are going to become. It's the one place I can go and no one else can follow me; it is the window to my soul where I can let a select few in if I choose; it is the place I go when I need to remember who I am. I cherish my memories more then any other asset I have on earth. The only way to self improve ourselves is to spend some time reflecting on the memories that have crafted us. We need to learn from the good and learn from the bad. Every experience no matter the outcome is a lesson on life. The key is to reflect and understand the meaning of what happened to us, and take from each experience a lesson of self improvement. 

- Robby Silk