My First Successful Failure?

My first business success happened the first time I was rejected. Was I crushed? Strangely enough I was not. The facts still remain the same, I was rejected.

I was evaluated, looked at, scrutinized and ultimately…rejected.

However, I viewed it as my first real success. Why is that you might ask? Well simply put I finally decided to take my first steps.

Now don’t get me wrong, at first I was upset. You know, that small pit in your stomach that slowly grows and builds momentum, until you finally can’t take it anymore, and you want to scream out.

Yep…That one.

But that was not the end, and more importantly it was no longer the beginning either. I had taken my first steps and just like a baby, I stumbled. How hard and how far did I stumble? Well that ultimately depends on how far you let yourself go.

You have two choices when you fail. One being the easiest and most often traveled, you give up. The second and most difficult, you continue on.

It is at this critical junction where success is ultimately defined. So what did I decide?

Well I decided to continue on. Does this ultimately guarantee success? No, but I do know what would happen if I didn’t.


And for that reason alone I am taking that long arduous march to see how far I can go. I would rather live my life knowing that I tried then to live wondering what could have been.   

So what side of the track are you on? 

- Robby Silk