In Remembrance - Vive la France

Sometimes music can replace the words that are so hard to find at times. The tragic events at the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris this past week will never be forgotten, but there were also beautiful moments that have occurred there as well. I pray that we can find a peaceful future for all, and a small tribute to the victims who lost their lives so tragically and needlessly. 

- Robby Silk

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (Live From The Bataclan, Paris, 11 February, 1995

Love's Journey

I wrote this poem for close friend and his wife for their wedding day. I hope that you enjoy it as much as they did.

- Robby Silk

Love’s Journey

Two travelers met on a fateful day,
And I, living an adventurous life;
Reflected long on the way
My travels would be forever changed this day,
By joining hands to start a new life.

Knowing that love works in mysterious ways,
And I, suddenly weary from my solitude
Let fate show me the way.
Oh, I asked a question that fateful day,
When our worlds combined, just us two!

Reflecting long on this anxious calm
I wonder where our future will lead;
Perhaps faraway places with coconut palms?
Yet knowing how life carries on,
Only our future has the wisdom to see.

A story only our love can tell;
We lived an adventurous life
Picking each other up when we fell.
When words run dry and love swells,
I’ll never forget when I first met my wife!
— Robby Silk

The Magic of an Uninhibited Imagination

I'd rather live my life with the dreamers who say "what if", then with the realists who say "you can't". When I hear that something is impossible, I can't help but believe that one day it will be. The only true limitations I have come across in my life are the ones that are self imposed. You can't form the word impossible without a little bit of possibility at the end.

- Robby Silk 




In my heart my will to live rages on. I am a warrior against your hate and oppression. My will is unbreakable, though my body is not. But my being goes far  beyond my flesh. It is at the root of my soul which cannot be touched. It will remain defiant for the remainder of time. Your hate will break upon the shores of our love.

It is body is has breathed its last breath. 

My spirit will rise from the valley of death. It cannot be hurt, it cannot be touched, it will remain unbreakable, defiant, and full of love. 

- Robby Silk

A single thread

A single thread 


...I would say to you, don't judge me by a single thread of my being. It may be tarnished, flawed, or broken; but I being a whole am so much more. We as humans have an amazing ability to find faults, but struggle to find the perfection that also lies within. Realize I am a collection of threads, a intricate loving being at my core. I am a blowing cloth in the wind. I may get caught and torn along the way, but it doesn't diminish from

who I am...what I am..what I can be...

Judge me as a whole, and not by the broken pieces I have left along the way. Learn from my mistakes, and remember me fondly... 

By: Robby Silk

Incredible Kid Day


At our son's day care they had a Incredible Kid Day, where we got to write a letter to our son telling him why he is incredible to his mother and I. They got to share these letters with the class, and I encourage all the parents who read this post to stop for a few moments to write down why your child is incredible to you. It is an awesome exercise to stop, and really reflect in words why your child or children are so incredible to you. I have shared my letter below.

Dear Robby,

You are a incredible son, and a true blessing to your mother and I. Since the moment you were born, you have filled our hearts with joy and happiness. You have made us cherish the subtle moments we share with you every day. It has been truly a gift for us to call you our son. We now live life for the intimate moments... the moments that could slip past us if we were not aware... the moments that seem so ordinary to us until one day many years from now, your mother and I will wake up yearning to relive them again. Robby you are incredible because you have already changed the world starting with us.

Love Forever,

Mom & Dad

My Heart

Endless Hope:

All little children, light up our lives, 

Light up the spirit in us all.

May all our troubles soon be gone

Those little eyes keep shining on.

By: Robby Silk


There are no words that can describe the feeling you get when your child smiles at you. No matter how many times you leave, come home from work, or go out their love for you can't be contained. The thing that is truly amazing is how they become a part of your heart. Their joy gives you a  satisfaction that is greater than any other experience on Earth. And that's when it hits you, and you realize that they are literally a part of you. 

- Robby Silk

The Zombie Night Time Story for Children

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Several weeks ago I was reading a very serious literary book about zombies, and I made a joking comment to my wife that I was going to write a zombie night time story for our son. As you can image she just looked at me, and that look said it all. So it was at that moment I thought to myself why not. So here is that zombie night time story guaranteed to give all little children nightmares! And for my loving wife all I wanted to say is that I could not have done it without you!


Your incredibly, amazing, awesome husband!

The Zombie Night Time Story for Children:

All little children jump into your beds,

I am going to tell you story about the living dead.

It starts off quite slow with only a few zombies here and there,

But soon they will multiply spreading endless fear!

The terror spreads fast, but they shuffle very slow,

So pray you don't break any bones so you can run... go, go, go!

Go and grab mother and father, and even your little sister too,

Remember to warn everyone or they will soon be coming for you.

Ghastly and ghoulish zombies are quite a horrible bunch,

If you let them get to close they will eat your skin for their lunch!

They may shuffle or crawl silently stalking it’s hard to tell,

Or they may come grunting and loud; a marching army, the living dead from hell.

So barricade, barricade, barricade your house,

Gather your weapons, the food, extra ammunition, and even your pet mouse!

The undead are almost upon you and now there is nowhere to go,

So fight on, fight on, and remember the undead cannot run they are very slow.

So take care and remind your dad to be steady and take good aim,

Conserve all your ammo by shooting them in the brain.

Down, down, down they all fall their rotting corpses litter the ground,

But do not celebrate too soon because zombies can come from every direction and all around.

They swarm like bees and overwhelm like ants,

And as they break through the walls you may begin to wet your pants!

Your defenses were not adequate, and now they have failed,

Now it's time for hand to hand combat so grab your hammer and forget the nails!

Swing, swing, swing for the stars, remember conserve your energy and smash in their brains,

Don't forget this rule and you may have a chance, and don't feel bad zombies don't feel any pain.  

You have a hammer, your father a bat, your mother has a crowbar, and your sister grabbed the pet cat!

She did not follow the rules; it's such a pity and a shame, and now she's a casualty of the zombie attack!

The ammo is gone; your defenses have failed,

You had a glimmer of hope, but you did not prevail.

The zombies are now everywhere they have overrun your house,

They are now eating everyone, even your pet mouse!

Crunch, crunch, crunch is the sound your bones make when they break,

Unfortunately you are now a victim of the zombie outbreak.

The end...

By: Robby Silk