Philosophical Thought of the Day

At what point in our lives does a person become happy? Is there a singular moment? Or does happiness occur as series of moments strung together?

Happiness for me does not occur when a certain moment or milestone is met. Happiness is a process that can easily be thrown off. There are many factors that go into my happiness as a whole. My job, wife, money, family, friends, etc... At any given point there will be a range of emotions associated with each asset of my life. So determining my overall happiness is complicated because there are so many factors that go into this emotion. I guess the best way for me to determine if I am happy or not is to count the number of things in my life I am happy about compared to the amount of things I am not. So next time you find yourself in a funk do this little exercise and found out if you truly happy you really are.

- Robby Silk