Donate exactly $26 dollars and win a chance to golf with Will Ferrell

If you love golf and you like donating to charities then this is the perfect event for you. Will Ferrell has started a charity for cancer survivors to go to college. I think that we all now someone that has been affected by cancer, and we can give the opportunity for these survivors to get back up on their feet and achieve their dream. Part of the article is listed below and I have setup a link that will take you directly there. Donate today!

- Robby Silk



What if I told you we could play golf and send a cancer survivor to college? Preposterous you say? Well, let me tell you something, this is real. It's as real as that mole on your face that no one mentions but everyone talks about behind your back.

This is how it works...Everyone who makes a $26.00 donation to Cancer for College is automatically entered for a chance to join me at either the Will Powered Golf Classic and Comedy Show on August 26 in Temecula, CA or the grand prize of joining me for the inaugural Will Powered Invitational at the world famous Pebble Beach Golf Resort on Oct. 28-30

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