Incredible Kid Day


At our son's day care they had a Incredible Kid Day, where we got to write a letter to our son telling him why he is incredible to his mother and I. They got to share these letters with the class, and I encourage all the parents who read this post to stop for a few moments to write down why your child is incredible to you. It is an awesome exercise to stop, and really reflect in words why your child or children are so incredible to you. I have shared my letter below.

Dear Robby,

You are a incredible son, and a true blessing to your mother and I. Since the moment you were born, you have filled our hearts with joy and happiness. You have made us cherish the subtle moments we share with you every day. It has been truly a gift for us to call you our son. We now live life for the intimate moments... the moments that could slip past us if we were not aware... the moments that seem so ordinary to us until one day many years from now, your mother and I will wake up yearning to relive them again. Robby you are incredible because you have already changed the world starting with us.

Love Forever,

Mom & Dad