Photography Tip: Angle your photographs

I am often asked about where I go to take my photographs. Usually most people are pretty surprised when I tell them I usually just go to the surrounding areas near where I live. Unique photographs don't always have to be taken at a exotic location; nor do they have to be of special events. I have found that there are interesting objects and moments to take photos of all around us every day. The key is to find the right angle while taking a photograph. Most people simply take photos from their point of view.

Bringing a camera to your eye and snapping a photo will usually create a pretty boring generic photo that you've probably seen thousands of times over. Instead of taking a photo of that tree from a distance; try walking underneath it and taking a photo from laying on the ground. By simply changing the everyday point of view we have now created an image that most people will find unique. Angle is an important aspect to photography so get out there and start experimenting.

Some Examples of different angles of everyday objects.