Love's Journey

I wrote this poem for close friend and his wife for their wedding day. I hope that you enjoy it as much as they did.

- Robby Silk

Love’s Journey

Two travelers met on a fateful day,
And I, living an adventurous life;
Reflected long on the way
My travels would be forever changed this day,
By joining hands to start a new life.

Knowing that love works in mysterious ways,
And I, suddenly weary from my solitude
Let fate show me the way.
Oh, I asked a question that fateful day,
When our worlds combined, just us two!

Reflecting long on this anxious calm
I wonder where our future will lead;
Perhaps faraway places with coconut palms?
Yet knowing how life carries on,
Only our future has the wisdom to see.

A story only our love can tell;
We lived an adventurous life
Picking each other up when we fell.
When words run dry and love swells,
I’ll never forget when I first met my wife!
— Robby Silk